Elias Corey and Suzuki enter the fastest sport in the world, Competition Aerobatics and Demonstration Flight. At speeds over 250mph and nine times the force of gravity, man and machine will be tested as Elias Corey and Suzuki set their sights set on Global Advanced Aerobatics Championships.


Wings Over Myrtle Beach – Blue Angels


April 28th – 29th | South Carolina

PAX River Air Expo – Blue Angels


June 2nd – 3rd | Maryland

Oregon Intl. Airshow – Canadian Snowbirds


September 28th – 30th | Oregon

2017 Huntington Beach Air Show – USAF Thunderbirds


October 19th – 21st | California


The Corvallis Corkscrew – Northwest Regionals

Corvallis Corkscrew

July 13th – 14th | Oregon

Viva Santa Maria – California Regionals

Viva Santa Maria

September 1st – 2nd | California

US Aerobatic National Championship

US Aerobatic National Championship

September 22nd – 27th | Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Tequila Cup – Year-end contest and banquet

Tequila Cup

November 2nd – 3rd | Marana, Arizona

At the events spectators and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Suzuki. From racetrack to backroads to adventure off-road you’ll have the opportunity to test Suzuki’s full line of motorcycles at the Suzuki National Airshow Tour.

We look forward to seeing you there and to introducing you to the Suzuki’s Way of Life.